The Sliding Cubicle System

The Sliding Cubicle

Panels simply slide in and out of connector posts to form the cube wall in the most popular heights, widths, and lengths. Fasten work surfaces to the walls with five screws and clip-on brackets, and that’s basically it!

Styles are totally customizable: glass, fabric colors, work surface finishes, storage options, and more.

The Sliding Cubicle

The Sunline sliding cubicle, with components made of the highest quality anodized aluminum and glass or fabric covered wall panels complete with a sound-proofing honeycomb core, is the easiest cubicle in the world to assemble or disassemble and reconfigure. Your company will never need to find another cubicle system again!

The Sunline Sliding Cubicle Series is Exclusive to only Arnold’s Office Furniture in the US!

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Yes!! Grab your sunglasses — the future of high-quality new office cubicles is bright with Arnold’s as we introduce the revolutionary Sunline sliding series – you’ve never seen anything like this before!!

This is the easiest system in the world to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure. Standard cubes average installers four hours to assemble. But with the flexible Sunline system, any two people can build a station from the ground up in 30 minutes or less, and change the size, shape or color with NO TOOLs in no time.