Sunline Demos

Do you have a large office furniture project coming up?  Would you like to play with a cubicle in your space before purchasing?  No problem!  We offer a Sunline demonstration program for customers with large projects.  We travel nationwide, so location is no issue.  Check out some prior demos we’ve setup below…

Cubicles: 6’x8′ 53″ High Sunline Cubicle w/ Glass and Fabric
Location: Santa Clara, CA                     Date: July 2017

sunline cubicle new size 1
sunline cubicle new size 2
sunline cubicle new size 3
sunline cubicle new size

Cubicles: 4’x2′ 53″ High Sunline Cubicle w/ Green and Blue Fabric
Location: Binghamton, NY                       Date: July 2017

sunline cubicle showcase
sunline cubicle showcase

Cubicles: 6’x6′ 65″ High Dropdown to 53″ Sunline Cubicle
Location: Germantown, MD                     Date: July 2017

high dropdown 53 sunline cubicle
high dropdown 53 sunline cubicle