It appears the panels are non-tackable and non-acoustical – masonite skins behind the fabric. Probably a decent STC rating but no NRC.

We have tackable tiles available. Behind the tackable fabric is our honeycomb core that carry a decent NRC rating.
The tackable surface is more sound absorbing as well.

What is the fiber content of the panel fabric?


Is panel fabric Class A?


What is its colorfastness etc.?

The test results for the following were “4-5” which is the highest you can get for color fastness results for normal use for office panels,
water, perspiration, soap wash, dry rub, light chemicals. Results available.

What panel widths are available?

Panel widths are 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 72”.

Are the worksurfaces and edges HPL? What is the worksurface thickness?

Yes edges are HPL. Thickness is 25mm or 32mm (1” or 1.25”)

What is the grommet situation like? In some views, it appears there is a corner grommet only

One standard, you can have as many as you need.

Can you provide USB charging?

Yes, no problem.

Is all the electrical UL listed?


What are the drawer pedestal configurations? Mobile peds? Are the peds and their drawer fronts steel? Plastic?

There are many choices available: mobile peds, mobile with seat cushions, 3-drawer (box-box-file) and 2 drawer (file-file)
– stationary wood with laminate finish sides and front drawers, metal with metal drawers and fronts full height supporting type
– 2-drawer lateral both wood laminate and metal full height supporting

Can a workstation’s pedestal and overhead cabinets be keyed alike, or is it all mixed key? Is there master keying available for the convenience of facility management?

Yes, keyed and alike, with master key available – full key program.

What is the material of the overhead cabinet? The tambour door?

Wood laminate sides, a lockable PVC door made by REHAU Polymer Solutions – excellent company!
See link to website: www.rehau.com/group-en/landingpages/rauvolet-tambour-door-systems

Is there an under-cabinet task light available? Cord manager? The shadow beneath an overhead is sometimes a problem.

Yes LED task light with state of the art hand motion sensor, which means no switch to conk out, and with 100,000 hours, no bulbs to change!
Yes cord manager system.

What is the arm-to-arm clear dimension on The Ergo?

20” – wider are available.

What adjustments other than height and arm height exist for The Ergo?

Pneumatic gas lift, tilt lock and tension control, sliding adjustable lumbar support, adjustable arms.

Is there a seat depth adjustment?

Yes, available as extra.